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With over a decade of successfully delivering innovative IT and Business Solutions providing dramatic return on investment for its valued clients, NPM Technologies is uniquely positioned to empower your company, group or team to reach and exceed its goals.
NPM Technologies has unparalleled expertise in leveraging technology to maximize the profitability and scalability of business models in virtually every business vertical is validated by repeated million-dollar return on investment results.
NPM Technologies is particularly suited for facilitating corporate growth through the successful implementation of information technology systems, structures and business processes.
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Payment Processing


Bitcoin makes the online payment experience simple and convenient for customers. On any device, customers can pay with just two taps, no sensitive personal information needed. With bitcoin, there are no cards to charge. Customers simply send bitcoin from their computer or mobile device directly to a bitcoin payment address.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to check-in and checkout using information already stored in their Amazon account. The customer experience is trusted and familiar. In just a few taps they can complete a transaction without leaving your site.
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Spend, send and see the savings when you use PayPal. From everyday purchases to running a business, people around the world rely on PayPal to pay and get paid. Use PayPal at businesses, big and small, in 200+ countries around the world. Pay securely online, in apps, and in stores. Make your money go further with PayPal.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, is fast, free, and easy to send and receive money. Send money to anyone in the US even if they do not have the Wallet app. Request money from others and keep track when they pay you back. Cash out with a debit card or bank account and access money you receive in minutes. Automatically transfer money you receive to a debit card or bank account.

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