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We Have Seen the Future and It Is ... Clear? OLED Displays Soon For Your Smart Phones and TV Displays

They have progressed from large, curved cathode ray tubes displaying black and white images whose footprint consumed a significant amount of living room space, to cathode ray tubes displaying colored images; to projection screens, to thin HD TVs, to tablets and phones displaying HD images.

The latest Consumer Electronics Show saw LG Display projecting its plans for the very near future.

And the future? Well, it is quite clear... literally.

At CES, LG Display prototyped a clear (see through) display implementing a technology dubbed OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode.

Because the OLED screen is so thin, and because an OLED screen emits light on the surface of the screen itself, OLED screens can both display much deeper blacks and sharper contrasts and can be placed on flexible materials.

The prototype at CES was as thin as a piece of paper, was able to be rolled up like a newspaper, and was not protected by any case.

Besides the obvious uses in existing TVs and mobile devices, OLED technology could also be used to:

Reduce the cost of military Heads Up Displays (HUD) which display mission critical information to pilots and operators without the pilots and operators having to look down at their instruments

Be placed in business windows to provide non-stop video advertising

Provide HUD for commercial aircraft

Provide HUD for consumer automobiles and motorcycles--imagine not having to look down at your dashboard ever again

Provide HUD for individuals who wear eye glasses or sun glasses

Provide HUD for individuals who wear contact lenses

Video billboards on any surface--especially at sporting events

Airborne video billboards flown by drones

The potential for OLED in the future appears clear, and nearly limitless.