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With over a decade of successfully delivering innovative IT and Business Solutions providing dramatic return on investment for its valued clients, NPM Technologies is uniquely positioned to empower your company, group or team to reach and exceed its goals.
NPM Technologies has unparalleled expertise in leveraging technology to maximize the profitability and scalability of business models in virtually every business vertical is validated by repeated million-dollar return on investment results.
NPM Technologies is particularly suited for facilitating corporate growth through the successful implementation of information technology systems, structures and business processes.
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Increased Vision Improves Business Decision Making - The Value Of ESRI, CRM, ERP, Agile, NewRelic And More

Increased Vision Improves Business Decision Making

Increased Vision Means Better Decisions

ESRI Make better operational decisions. NewRelic The place to understand your digital business. Salesforce Sell smarter with the world's #1 CRM. MS Dynamics Make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster.
ESRI NewRelic Salesforce MS Dynamics ERP
The reasoning is simple - Good Decisions Reap Rewards.

This simple statement is true regardless of the business vertical in which you reside.

Good Decisions reap rewards for companies in the financial services sector just as they do for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Good Decisions reap rewards for companies in the manufacturing sector just as they do for companies in the leisure and travel sector.

Good Decisions reap rewards for companies regardless of their size as well. Apple and Microsoft both started small, but reaped the rewards of good decision making to become two of the largest and most influential companies the world has ever seen.

And yet, so many times in business, we walk into a situation with limited visibility to the factors crucial for success, or a business suffers because it does not have the visibility it needs. Such a situation is frequently compared to being in the dark, being blind, or worse yet, being blindsided. Definitely not a positive situation!

So how do you help your company make good decisions? One of the, if not the most important aspect of making good decisions is having visibility. Having visibility to the right information - whether it is Key Performance Indicators, or customer demographics, or systems performance - is crucial.

You see, making the right decisions is downright easy when the proper information is right before your eyes! And technology abounds with solutions which provide just the visibility you need!

In fact, the answers to the question, "How do we increase visibility into the current situtation?" are manifold! What is more, NPM Technologies provides powerful solutions, from the simple to the intricate which increase companies' insight and visibility in all of their activities. Some solutions include:
1) Performing regular demographics (ESRI) on your company's most common and most profitable customers-giving insight into ways to increase sales
2) Implementing tools, like NewRelic, which provide crystal clear insight into your IT infrastructure's performance
3) Implementing CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pivotal) and ERP (Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Great Plains) tools which provide insight into your company's day to day activities
4) Implementing business and IT processes (Agile, ITIL, SLDC, ISO, etc.) which provide regular measurable feedback and corporate alignment to stated corporate goals.
5) SEO tools such as Omniture and Google Analytics which provide amazing insight into your customer's interaction with your company's web site.
6) Any many more customized solutions...

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We have a long history of successfully delivering solutions which will not only increase visibility and improving decision making, but which also provide dramatic return on investment for you and your company.