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39th Annual Chicago Marathon

39th Annual Chicago Marathon Today marks the completion of the 39th annual Chicago Marathon.

The internet is aflurry with searches for Florence Kiplagat, from Kenya, who won the woman's race last year.

Florence is back this year and is hoping to improve even more on her 2 hour 23 minute time.

The temperature for the race is ideal for the runners, as the race will have sunny skies and start with temperatures in the 40s.

With the race starting at 7AM Central, if you sleep in on Sunday, the fastest runners will have completed the 26.2 miles before you open your eyes.

There are several twists and turns for this year's race.

First, this year, race officials decided not to put in pace setters, or individuals who will start out fast, but likely not finish the race.

Pace setters are used to remove the strategy some runners use of starting slow and sprinting at the end.

As usual, there are some inspirational stories as well, including a woman who went from weighing over 300 pounds to running in the Chicago marathon.

Then there is the story of the widower who lost his wife to ALS. He had pushed his wife in a wheelchair in several marathon races, but this was to be their first Chicago marathon.

Even the entertainment biz is participating this year, as pop star Liz Anjos and commedian Rob Riggle are entered into the big race.

Regardless of skill level, the Chicago marathon looks to offer some bit of intrigue for everyone this year.